Providing quality art influencers for all your social media and business needs.

Since 2017, we have expanded to a network outreach of over 1 million active users through our unique social media art influencers from all over the world.

Handing out Shoutouts has been "a thing" since social media began to kickoff in the late 2000s; however, now more than ever before are brands beginning to fully see the impact a social media shoutout can have on your brand or business.

With this in mind, we have established the first platform of highly-engaged art influencers from all geographical and artistic segments who are ready to shoutout and promote your artwork or art business to the appropriate target audience.

Abstracts Automatic has gained over 200 new clients from his first shoutout using Art Shoutouts. The company claims it has been the most effective marketing channel since it began.
— Carl Richardson, Abstracts Automatic.

What We've Achieved

  • Massive increases in Instagram follower count with maximum engagement.
  • Increase in brand awareness and acknowledgement.
  • Massive increase in sales via social proof through influencers.
  • Increase in average number of likes and comments on each post.
  • Increase in user engagements and account verifications as well as viral posts.
  • Word-of-mouth spreads through influencer shoutouts.
  • Massive increase in inquiries for products and services offered.
  • Increase in collaborations and earning for IG account posts.